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“Coach Lisa is AMAZING! I have been running off and on over the last 10 years, but in the last 2 months of working with Coach Lisa I have become fitter, stronger and faster. I just did a virtual 5k race this weekend and I hit a new PR. She encourages and motivates me to push myself to levels I didn’t think I could achieve. I typically get bored when training for races, but Lisa always keeps my training fun and interesting. Lisa’s coaching has me enjoying running again.” – Steph


A little about me. A girl with a grateful heart, taking life one day at a time. A runner, triathlete, mom and friend.

Run Coaching

Are you a runner or someone who wants to be? I’m an RRCA certified run coach and would love to be a partner in your running journey.

Running Adventures

Triathlon & running race summaries, training thoughts and perspectives. Subscribe to see what I’m up to in the world of training and racing.

Believe you can, and you are halfway there

theodore Roosevelt

Believe in yourself. Be grateful.
Make the most of where you are, on good days or bad.
Let’s set goals and work on them together.


RRCA certified running coach with 25 years of running experience. A girl trying to be a better human, sharing my life passions with others.

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