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Personalized Coaching Tailored to Your Goals

I am an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Certified Level 1 coach, with a passion for running and helping others. I have 27 years of long distance running experience and 15 years of triathlon experience. Want to know more? Learn more about me.

How Custom Plans & 1:1 Coaching Can Help You

Custom plans for a specific race or fitness goal can help you map a path to achieve your running goals. A custom plan written by a certified coach who understands where you are at and what your goals are, works well for athletes who need a path to get them to their goals with limited support along the way.

1:1 Coaching takes it one step further with an even more customized approach to becoming the best runner you can be. Your training is planned in 1-2 week cycles that focuses on your strengths, opportunities, changing needs and goals. Adjustments are made as needed based on progress and any changes that life throws your way – making it simpler to follow and stick with a plan that works for you.

With workouts planned for you that balance training time with family time, work and other commitments as they come up, coaching allows you to focus on your run, enjoy it, and get the most out of your training as you work toward your goals.

1:1 Coaching provides:

  • Accountability – a partner to help you stay on track and keep you motivated to reach your goals
  • Flexibility – as things come up in life, your training can be modified to keep you on track and have balance in your life
  • Time – with your workouts planned for you and adjusted as needed, you have more time to run and do other things you enjoy
  • Unlimited Motivational Support – questions answered as they come up, inspiration when you need it before a workout or after a tough one, workout analysis and feedback as you go

Coaching Options

All coaching options include:

  • Athlete intake questionnaire to understand where you are today, your goals and how I can help you achieve them
  • Free 30 minute consultation to go over your goals and what coaching option works best for you – consultation can be over the phone, a video call or in person
  • More than just running insights and routines for stretching, cross-training and fueling, race preparation including pacing and nutrition strategy
  • Team discounts at selected partners

After our initial consultation, there are two options you can choose from based on your goals and how you would like to be coached:

1:1 Coaching
Custom workouts, every 1-2 weeks
Workouts adjusted as needed for balance & progress in training
Personalized coaching in Final Surge app, syncs with Strava and Garmin
Data analysis & workout feedback as workouts completed in Final Surge
Email & text support
Phone or video call check ins
Meet ups or coached workouts included if local
$125 a month
($120/month with 6 month commitment)
Custom Plan
Custom plan, in 4 week blocks
Workouts based on where you are, your goals and/or goal race
Custom plan in Final Surge app, syncs with Strava and Garmin
Bi-weekly data analysis & workout feedback in Final Surge
Email support
Option to add a phone or video call
Option to add a meet up or coached workout if local
$60 per 4 week block
(Switch to coaching once you start a plan? Payment credited!)

“As a novice runner who developed an overuse injury while training on my own for my first half-marathon, I knew I needed the guidance of a coach to meet my next goal. Working with Lisa has been a tremendous benefit to me physically and mentally in continuing on my path. Especially during the pandemic, I am grateful to count on her daily workouts and encouragement to keep me focused and injury-free. Lisa is knowledgable, caring, and always responsive to my questions. I highly recommend Grateful Heart Adventures to any athlete seeking to improve training and race strategy and boost performance to the next level.” – Christine

Let’s get started!

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