Grateful from head to toe

August 20, 2018

I woke up today at 51 years old an Ironman! It’s been 11 years since I started doing triathlons, from a sprint to an Ironman – slow to the big goal but it’s been a sweet ride.

I am grateful, excited and all the other good things, but mostly grateful. I trained and raced with a grateful ❤️ and I had an amazing day, felt great and soooo happy all day! To achieve a time I was shooting for and more, to be 15th in my age group and only a little stiff today, is beyond the best! I’m grateful for so many things but mostly the people in my life who helped me in a million ways to get to this day to achieve this goal. #ittakesavillage

I’ll do a race report soon, but first things first. The people, my tribe, the wonderful love and support. Kind of like an Oscar speech, but very heartfelt and full of love ❤️

Diane Haensel – my Ironman rock here in Tremblant. I can’t express enough how much having her here made all the difference through my bike drama before the race, to practice workouts, to bag packing, to enthusiasm and support. You made this such a great experience for me!

My family – from my mom and step-dad being here and going above & beyond to be out there yesterday, helping me to and from the race with bike, bags and more. Ken B. for showing up everywhere possible on the course and riding 90 miles to see me and take photos. Katie, for being there spectating and the fantastic hug when I crossed the finish line and putting the medal around my neck = all of it priceless.

Wendy, Lisa Gerard, Angie Feser, Tara Seever – for encouraging me to come here for my first IM, it is the best venue and so amazing. Wendy I can’t put into words all the other love and support I’ve gotten from you = priceless.

Alissa through thick and thin you have helped me find the way in training, physical and mental to do my best. So much gratitude for all your encouragement, love and support.

Joy my angel swimmer partner and Debbie my angel buddy all the time, for the love and support and fun always and on this journey. You two are so inspiring it’s an honor to be your friend and I hope I can keep doing epic things like you have year after year.

Michelle Fjetland for all the training, support and inspiration this year, as we had our ups and downs in life your friendship was such a blessing. Many more times together my friend. I can’t wait to snuggle in that quilt you gave me that you made!

Michelle Myers Murphy for getting my health in order in the last two years and keeping me on track, fixing all the things that I needed to fix. You are a smart lady and I’m so grateful for you professionally and personally.

Ryan and Ray – for all the awesome winter training, training tips, IM tips right down to special needs packing and the encouragement and belief in me that I could do this thing.

Diana & Tom Hull and Jennifer Whickam my birthday twin – my first RTB friends and some of the best friends I’ve ever had. The fun, love and support from you has been a pillar for me since we met.

Katie Thompson, my second Katie, for all your friendship, love and support since we met. You inspire me and keep me thinking anything is possible.

Laura Philpot for always inspiring me and the encouragement to do this. And the use of your bike bag!

Julie Anderson my recent friend who feels like a twinsie in so many ways – our connections, all your training tips, love and support! In person soon 😉

Teammates that are training partners and friends so many, to name a few – Valerie Miller, Jennifer Schroeder, Linda Mccandless, Deborah Haight, Ann Sloan, Kelly Christenson, George Wright, Nikki Wright, Michelle Wright, Lance Hester, Denise Hovland, Tess Gaeke, Dagmar Froneck, Cindy McGonigal, Jenn Edwards, Marsha Weatherly Jones, Heidi Kriss, Mike Satko, Tammy Magnuson, John Roberts, Kathy Morrison, Kathleen & John Colvard, Courtney Black, Stephanie Grophs, Patty Swedeberg, Erin Eronemo, Northwest Tri & Bike crew – I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, forgive me…

My long time friends outside of triathlon who have just always been like family – Marilyn and Marlene, Kirsten Lemke, Tami Connelley, Jim Balkwill, Angela Cochran, Leslie Turchetti, Larissa Uchimaya, Lesa Overfield, Bill & Sheila Neale, Cheryl & Joe Hoskovich, Denise Massone, Brenda Falkenstien.

Heather Luedke for all the fun running in the last two years and the video from yesterday! More fun to come.

And everyone who tracked and cheered for me virtually during my race – your good vibes were felt and appreciated! All the texts and messages mean the world to me.

And anyone I forgot, purely just a mind going a million miles a minute….THANK YOU!

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A girl working every day to be a better human. Grateful for small moments, trying to go high when life goes low. Believer in good, triathlete, Mom and wife.

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