Gratitude for Perspective

Track workouts these feet have seen. And lately, missed. A slow jog around the track is better than nothing. Perspective.

Working every day to be grateful for not just the big things, but all the little things. Gratitude changes everything – for the better. With 3 days to go until my second Ironman race, reflecting on how much I’ve thought about perspective on this journey.

First, I love Triathlon. I love the sport, the challenge, the people. It has truly made me a stronger, better person mentally and physically. So grateful for all it’s given me.

Training last year for my first Ironman at Tremblant was such an amazing journey, went off without a hitch. As always, unparalleled support, friendship and fun from my Raise the Bar teammates. My 70.3 Victoria race 2 months before was fantastic, and earned me a 17 min PR, finally in the under 6 hour club on my fourth 70.3 attempt. And, no injuries. Not a one. Tired muscles sure, but nothing unusual. After Tremblant, just slightly sore – attributed to my training and focus on my overall health. And a little bit of luck!

This journey for Santa Rosa has been a little different. The friendship, fun and support unchanged. Training in the winter, not quite like summer! No lake swims save the one “test the waters” swim one week out just to see how the wetsuit feels…my swim angel Joy who did all the long lake swims with me last year, volunteered to brave it with me. Outdoor rides with snow on the side of the road still, some very brisk rides and but happily ended with a few in the sun.

And then there was the running and the injury. Having been a long distance runner before a triathlete, running is my place, my time, my go to when I need some space and a healthy way to enjoy it. Unfortunately, my piriformis did not want to cooperate this time. An on again, off again thing it has come and gone over the years. Over two years since it bothered me last, other than a little tightness that quickly dissolved with a massage or some good old fashioned pigeon stretches. This year, it went into ugly mode. I cut back, ran very slow, saw PT, did all the things. It still stopped me in my tracks at a half marathon on 3/2. I finished, but knew that day I was in a different place.

Again, the friendship, fun and the support of my awesome friends and teammates rallied me to take it on and trying to fix it became my 4th discipline. More PT, massages, no running, more time in the air compression legs, new massage sticks and more. It got better week by week but not my normal. Up to just one 2 mile easy jog and another run on the weekend at a slow pace in flat courses, the last month of training. Hard to swallow, but ever so grateful to be back out there moving forward. So very grateful.

Life happened too. The great snowpocolypse brought us 2 1/2 feet of the white stuff, that had us unable to leave home for a few days, had an awning crashing down around me and my furry kiddo narrowly missing us. A school bus did a hit and run on my car. We were not hurt in either instance. Gratitude.

All along this journey, I have thought of perspective. Every time I had a pity party, I would think – perspective. It’s not a broken leg, it’s not cancer. It’s not a loss of anyone I love. It’s just a thing that is not my normal. Perspective. It’s a blip on the radar of life, nothing I can’t handle or adjust to. So I doubled down on my mantras, affirmations and outlook. I am a firm believer that my thoughts shape my reality. When I find myself slipping from thoughts that serve me well, I do everything I can to refocus, be grateful and enjoy my moments. It’s harder sometimes than others, and when it is I look for dandelions in our field to make wishes on. Let’s just say I’ve done a lot of that too.

What you think, you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. – Buddha

So today, we leave for IM Santa Rosa and I am ready. Ready or not as we say! I am truly ready to have perspective and enjoy every moment. Thrilled to be traveling and racing with some fantastic women I am grateful to call friends. Take it all in. Smile and be grateful. When the excitement and nerves happen, I’m going to soak it all in and breathe. I am going to have FUN!

So grateful for this journey, with all of it’s hiccups. It’s time to celebrate it now, and remember how lucky I am at 52 to be doing this sport and enjoying it no matter what. Perspective.

Published by Lisa B

A girl working every day to be a better human. Grateful for small moments, trying to go high when life goes low. Believer in good, triathlete, Mom and wife.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude for Perspective

  1. Mind over matter… you got this! Stay calm … be smart…run your own race and you’ll finish just fine! Wishing you all the luck in the world for the best day doing what you love! Hugs!! ❤️


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